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1 ask for or request earnestly; "The prophet bid all people to become good persons" [syn: bid, beseech, entreat, press, conjure]
2 command solemnly

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ad + iurare, "to swear, to give an oath".


  1. To issue a formal command, especially in a legal context.
    The Wiktionary administrator adjured the editor to cease posting silly articles.
  2. To earnestly appeal or advise.
    Wiktionary editors are adjured to provide etymologies.

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administer an oath, appeal, appeal to, beg, beseech, call for help, call on, call upon, clamor for, conjure, crave, cry for, cry on, cry to, entreat, impetrate, implore, imprecate, invoke, kneel to, obtest, plead, plead for, pray, put under oath, put upon oath, run to, supplicate, swear, swear in
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